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We are now ready to take a forward step in the solution of our environmental crisis.

We have lost sight of the fact that our survival depends on the good health and correct functioning of the ecosystems that support us. What these are,  how they work and how our actions affect them is something we all need to be aware of. Our spiritual connection to the natural environment has been broken leaving us floundering in a technological world where the profit monster and speed demon rule.

 Today's children will be facing the most daunting time in human history. A world of climate change and extreme unpredictable weather patterns.  It is essential that nature is not seen as an enemy to be beaten but rather a friend in need.

 It will be their responsibility to repair the ecological damage done to their family heirloom, the Earth. They need to develop a sense of respect for and connection to nature in order to deal with the difficulties ahead of them. 

By being symbolically linked to another life form  we can begin the process of  realization that we are not separate from the rest of creation. We are part of that creation and dependent on its benevolence. 

Choosing a wildlife totem as a symbol of our interrelation to nature and incorporating it into our lives will begin the process of reconnection.

Environmental  education  will be pivotal to the survival of the next generation. They will need to know how the earths natural processes work, the effect of human activities on these and how they need to live their lives to minimize further damage to the earth as well as repair that which has already been degraded.  

The first step in the long journey of rehabilitating and creating a sustainable world is to care about the Earth and all its biological inhabitants. Without a caring heart sustained, committed action is difficult to achieve. 

It is time to reconnect to our biological roots and prepare our children for the new  world they must live in. A world of climate change and  extreme, unpredictable weather patterns. We all need to learn that nature is not something distant from ourselves, it is  part of us.