Which animal is like you

The following wildlife totems are meant to be used in conjunction with the certificate of connection.  Pick which one suits you the best and print up a personalized certificate.

Make sure someone in authority signs it. 

You may like to do your own research and come up with matches of your own.   

Look for characteristics and habits which  match the person and the animal. You may have a child who is a messy eater. This would fit in with the habit of some parrots to rip apart leaves and flowers leaving a carpet of foliage.

Some animals are quiet and reserved. Some people are quiet and reserved. Others are noisy and vivacious like the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo which is a very noisy, gregarious bird. Squirrels collect and store and so do some people.

Think about it and have some fun doing your own research or draw on your own experience of wildlife in your own district. 

When you have chosen a suitable human/wildlife match incorporate it into a "Certificate of Connection" and give it to the person concerned.

You may find some of the following suggestions appropriate.

African Grey Parrot


The African Grey Parrot is a highly intelligent bird living on the African mainland.  It congregates in large gregarious groups at days end to cement the close bonds with its own kind. The African Grey possesses  remarkable vocal abilities and has a reputation for being the worlds best speaking parrot with the ability to clearly pronounce hundreds of words. It forms lifelong, cooperative partnerships with its mate.

As a member of the parrot family the African Grey is a model of stability.


  Beaver  The gentle, affable industrious beaver can be found in the lakes, streams and rivers of North America.  The beaver is highly adaptable to its life in the water possessing thick fur and webbed feet.  It has waterproofed eyes and ears and long sharp incisors used to cut through the largest of trees.  It faithfully mates for life and raises several offspring each year.  The beaver spends its time building dams and constructing and maintaining its lodge where it spends the cold winter months.  The dams constructed by the beaver create flooded wetlands which create a rich habitat for  numerous other species

As a member of the rodent family, the beaver is a model of industriousness.


 Bent wing Bat

The gentle little insectivorous bent-wing bat lives on the east coat and top end of Australia.  Like all microbats it performs a very important function by eating hundreds of mosquitoes and insects each night. It has strong social bonds and spends its time hanging upside down inside caves with thousands of others of its kind. In summer it lives in special nursery caves where the young are sheltered and kept safe.  When a mother leaves her baby behind to go and feed, on her return she is able to single our her own offspring from all the thousands of others in the cave.  During winter when food is scarce it is able to survive by hibernating.

As a member of the microbat family, the bent-wing bat is a model of resilience.


This gentle natured, timid marsupial bandicoot, once common on the Australian mainland lives in isolated harsh desert country of Central Australia.  The bilby is noted for its long ears, pointy snout and furred tail.  It has remarkable skills for surviving in the harsh arid regions.  using strong, sharp claws it digs burrows in which it sleeps during the day coming out at night to feed on seeds, roots, termites and insects.  Solitary by nature it is slow moving and has exceptionally good hearing.  It has survived where other animals have not been able to do so.

As a member of the bandicoot family the bilby is a model of survival.


Brahminy Kite   

The Brahminy Kite inhabits the coastal fringe of the top half of Australia.  This strong, handsome, highly intelligent bird of prey is fairly solitary except when breeding.  The brahminy kite collaborates with its partner when raising young and is particularly aggressive when protecting it offspring.  Quiet and unobtrusive it can be seen enjoying itself gliding above the coast for long periods of time.

As a member of the kite family, the brahminy kite is a model of responsibility.

    Crocodile The crocodile with its great strength and determination is one of the longest surviving species on earth. Despite its lazy, slow appearance the crocodile has remarkable agility and can run with surprising bursts of speed.  It is an extremely capable, quiet swimmer and is difficult to see in the water. It is the only reptile which has a broad range of communicating sounds varying from threat calls to distress or hatching sounds. Crocodile mothers are extremely protective of their hatchlings and care for them with great tenderness and devotion.

As a member of one of the longest surviving species on earth the crocodile is a model of sustainability.


  Chimpanzee The chimpanzee inhabits the jungles, swamps and savannahs of Africa foraging a wide variety of foods. This social primate possesses remarkable strength and courage, displaying  intelligence, creativity and imagination by its use of tools as well as verbal and facial communication.  As a member of a well structured community it forms lifetime bonds with others in its group reinforcing these bonds by regular grooming sessions.  As a group, chimpanzees regularly move around in their home range spending short periods in various locations.  

As a member of the primate family the chimpanzee is a model of adaptability.


  Tasmanian   Devil  The Tasmanian devil is found only in Tasmania although it was once common on the Australian mainland.  It is strong, thick set marsupial with a broad head and strong jaws. The Devil is mainly a scavenger and feeds on small mammals maintaining the cleanliness of the forest.

It has a reputation for aggression mainly due to its noisy communication methods.  The devil makes a variety of fierce noises from coughs to snarls to high pitched screeches.  Many of these are a bluff to avoid fighting during communal feeding.  The devil is clean, fond of water and loves to bask in the sun.

As a carnivorous member of the marsupial family the Tasmanian Devil is a model of  strength


        Elephant  Elephants are found in Africa and Asia.  they are highly intelligent and are noted for their good memory.  They have poor eye sight but make up for it with unparalleled senses of smell and hearing using these to communicate over long distances.  They form strong social relationships and provide expert care for their young in a close knit family group.  Elephants possess a great caring heart and display many emotions such as joy, and grieving.  they are capable of kindness that projects beyond their own kind and can extend to others in distress

As the largest land mammal on earth the elephant is a model of compassion.


       Flying Fox The flying fox is one of only two species of flying mammals. This unique animal spends its whole life hanging upside down.  It is extremely intelligent and possesses remarkable eyesight, smelling and hearing ability. The flying fox can smell a food source two kilometers  away. Living on native fruits, pollen and nectar they perform crucial pollinating functions.

Flying foxes have string, affectionate bonds with others of their kind caring and protecting each others young. They will happily integrate displaced juveniles into their family groups

As a member of this unique flying mammal family the flying fox is a model of charity.

          Leopard  The leopard inhabits southern Africa, Tropical Asia, China and India.  it is a graceful medium  sized cat which has enormous muscle power and is a strong and powerful hunter.  Its strength and agility give it remarkable tree climbing abilities.  It is able to survive in many different habitats throughout the world because of its broad diet, eating anything which is available.

As a member of the cat family the leopard is a model of versatility. 


    Powerful Owl The powerful owl is the largest of all Australian owls.  Its large, yellow forward facing eyes give it exceptional binocular night vision.  it can turn its head almost full circle which allows it to see in every direction without having to move unnecessarily.  The powerful owl can sit quietly for hours completely immobilized making it inconspicuous and difficult to find while its brown and grey feathers further help to make it almost invisible.

As a member of the owl family, the powerful owl is a model of serenity.


    Platypus  The platypus lives in the streams, rivers and lakes of Eastern Australia.  Difficult to spot in the wild this intelligent, shy, retiring and wary monotreme swims underwater and searches for food with its amazing electro-sensitive beak spending much of its time hiding in its burrow rarely coming out on land.  The platypus spends long hours preening its fur making sure it is waterproofed and insulated.  It leads a solitary life but shares its territory with other platypus without obvious aggression.  The platypus has reptilian features such as egg laying an mammalian features when it feeds its young on milk.  

As a member of the unique monotreme family the platypus is a model of versatility.