How you can use your totem 


Rituals and habits run like an invisible thread through many families and these help to unite us

Passing on a family heirloom, giving nicknames, doing activities together, it doesn't really matter what it is but these rituals make us feel part of a group, unify us and in some way make us feel different and unique. Many rituals have comfort and security at their core.

Use a wildlife totem to start a family tradition. 

Now is the time to start

Have fun with your totem

Daily life       Incorporate the totem into your name and use it

                   Research your Wildlife Totem

                   Talk to your friends about wildlife and exchange information 


Birthdays      Make a cake shaped like the totem

                    Incorporate wildlife totems into party games 

                    Give gifts which incorporate a totem 


Parties          Dress up as your totem

                    Shape food like your totem



          Harness the heart

                Celebrate the bond