Certificate of Connection

Pale-headed Rosella Totem


Presented to Mary  Jane  Brown

On her first birthday 29 April 2004

As a symbol of her connection to the natural environment.

Pale-headed Rosella

The Pale-headed Rosella is a placid, gentle natured parrot with soft colourings of yellow, blue and a red under-tail. It is highly intelligent, adapts well to city living and can be seen in pairs or small groups on the north eastern seaboard of Australia. This Rosella has a beautiful piping call with several high, even pipes in a row. Feeding on seeds, fruit, nectar and insects it has a habit of demolishing the flowers and shoots of the trees on which it feeds leaving behind a carpet of flowers and foliage below its feeding perch. Pairing for life it displays strong bonds for its lifelong partner.


As a member of the parrot family the Pale-headed Rosella is a model of stability and commitment.


Presented by your grandparents

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